18 June 2008

Welcome back, now move out.

Obviously, I'm excited about leaving. Who wouldn't be? But when you go away for 2 days in order to pick up your relief and then return to be told you have to move out of your room by the end of the week, 7 days earlier than when I'm supposed to leave this base, the excitement of leaving gets increased. I have no idea when they figured out that they wanted me out of my room but if they told me beforehand that my relief was going to take my room and I was supposed to move out when he got here, I would've been ready to go and fine with it. Having it sprung on you shortly after returning is akin to return from vacation and then have your coworker kick you in the balls. Not a pleasant feeling... So, in the spirit of "F%^& You!", I am leaving my base 4 days early, Monday, 23 June.

No, that doesn't mean I get to come home early but it does mean I get to relax more in Baghdad before flying to Kuwait. It means I won't have to deal with the horse pucky of this place more than I need. The great thing about this whole debacle is that after telling my boss, he said "Nice welcome... No problem. See you on Monday." Gotta love a boss that takes your side, you know? So, yeah, I'm leaving early. Not 7 days from now, 5 days. And not just in 5 days I'm leaving but by this time 5 days from now, I'll be in Baghdad just chillin'.

I have no idea what I'm going to do during those extra days but I do know that sleeping late and playing video games are on the agenda.

On a brighter side, at least they are fairwelling me. I'm thinking, for my remarks, I'll be succinct and let the immortal words of Guillermo Diaz of Half Baked display my displeasure: "F%^& You, F%^& You, F%^& You, F%^& You, You're Cool, F%^& You. I'm out!"


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rickl38 said...

Glad you are getting out of there safe and sound! Looking forward toward hearing you are back in the states and home.

Uncle Rick