30 June 2008

On my way home

Yesterday, I left Baghdad for the last time (hopefully). Normally when I leave some place I've been for a long time, I usually feel a little nostalgic, even if being in that place was not all that enjoyable - Oklahoma is a prime example. This time, there was nothing but elation. No "it's been fun but it's time to leave" feelings, just a "THANK GOD!!!" I got the biggest smile on my face when we finally lifted off from Baghdad International Airport en route to Kuwait. My joy was nearly dashed when the flight crew started playing with the cargo door mid-flight but I remembered that a C-130 can fly all day with it open so joy returned. About an hour and a half later, we touched down on a sand and wind blown runway in Kuwait to begin the next phase of the re-deployment (means "returning from deployment - I know, it doesn't sound like it...) process - gear turn-in and reintegration training (not looking forward to it). Unfortunately, none of that has started yet...

Apparently, whoever made our flight arrangements sent us down here 2 days early. I know
you are all happy to hear that I'm out of Iraq but it was MUCH more comfortable up there and if I could've done all this there, I would've preferred it. Anyway, I have a couple of days at this little transient housing base before catching my bus to Camp Arifjan.

Today was a very uneventful day. I woke up, had coffee and just hung out. Now, I'm typing. I'm typing again. And again... (we could go on and on like this) You get the picture. I'll probably get some dinner later then sleep. Overall, it has the making of a very unproductive day.

I have 3 days and a wakeup (if I get the chance to go to sleep - flight home is EARLY EARLY morning on the 4th) left before I get on the long flight home. Hopefully, we'll get a good location to make our fuel stop. I'm anticipating arriving home early afternoon to early evening on the 4th, in time for a little bbq for 2.1.

In the mean time, you can start counting down from 4, right..... NOW.

See you when you get to 0!

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