01 March 2008

Fun in the Sun

Today is the start of a new beginning. Today, the sun is shining brighter. TODAY... I was able to walk to the bathroom without a sweatshirt. That's right. It's warm again. We are seeing 70 degree weather forecasted for the next week. The dreary cloud covered skies are going to be a thing of the past. It's time to get out the sunblock and hit the beach. By sunblock, I really mean sunblock - you can get really burnt out here - and by beach, I mean the gravel covered dust that is my little base.

What were you expecting? Oh, that's right... You were expecting me to tell you about when my replacement is showing up. I know this because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, I talked/IMed/emailed with yesterday asked that question. It must be something in the air back home that's making people do that. Don't worry, I'm not upset. I know everyone just wants me to come home. I do too. We all just have to be patient. Odds are that I won't find out for AT LEAST another month (beginning of April) at the earliest. When I do find out, I will tell you at the earliest possible moment. I will not hold this info from you. So, now you know. Don't you feel better now? I know I do.

Anyway, we were talking about the nice warm weather. It was very refreshing to find the sun bright in the sky. Soon it will be so hot that it will be difficult to do anything outside except to sweat. Hopefully, I won't be here to experience that joy. Even though I say it feels nice now, 75 degrees is much different than 125 degrees. I can deal with 75 degrees. I can get used to 100 degrees. 125 degrees? At 125 degrees, "Hello, my name is Nos Feratu. I am a creature of the night. Care to invite me in?"

Until then, I'm going to sit outside, enjoy a good cigar and keep waiting for the day this all ends.


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