11 October 2007

On Reflection

After talking with a lot of the troops here, I've realized that I'm, on average, about 10 years older than they are. To think that when I was graduating college and commissioned, they weren't in high school yet. When I was graduating high school, they were 7. Some of these kids don't know what the 80's were like mainly because some hadn't been born yet. And yet, here they are.

They are the ones with the rifles, driving the tanks, on the true tip of the spear. What's more, they don't seem to mind... at the very least, they're not telling me and they really do. Either way, it's an amazing thing. One thing they do mention is how they can't wait to go home (and neither can I...) They have much less time than I do (242 days to go for me) but you can see how, even at 18, 19, or 20, they have aged more in the year or so they've spent here than any year in the US. Every once in a while, you can catch them staring off into the distance, reliving a moment they want to forget, then snap back to the present and laugh at the joke just told.

These are the troops that had 3 of their own kidnapped by terrorists in the middle of the night, only to find the body of one of them later. Two of their comrades are still missing but they will never be forgotten. They have been through a lot and they still have some more time to go, however brief it may be. I know those who read this are in some way connected to me but I am not the one you for which you should be praying. These "kids" are.

When I get off the computer tonight, I'm going to take a shower then listen to my iPod before I go to sleep. It tends to be the one thing that centers me when I get in somber mood (like now). I just put in my earphones and listen to a playlist I made to help me relax/calm/etc. Each song on the list has a meaning for me - like a song I HAD to listen to regardless of what I was doing at the time or the first song Shira and I listened to when we moved into our first house.

Here it is (Artist - Song):
  1. Idlewild - El Capitan
  2. Plain White T's - It's So Easy
  3. Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades
  4. The Exit - Don't Push
  5. Midtown - Give it Up
  6. Modest Mouse - Missed the Boat
  7. Muse - Starlight
  8. 311 - Amber
  9. Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea
  10. Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon

Sometimes I'll listen to it in order, sometimes on shuffle but every time, it works. When I finish it, I'm always in a good frame of mind. Usually, like tonight, it'll be right before I go to sleep. Half an hour with my "therapist" and I'm right as rain. Feel free to listen with me.

In case you were curious, it's still as dull as ever here at Thunderdome, thankfully, but at least the food is good.


Lori said...

I love reading your blog. You are insightful and wonderfully honest. Thank you for keeping this up. It helps me to know you are safe. It's what I read before going to sleep.OOXX

Beth C said...

Per Toonces' instructions, you are now linked on her blog, grittykittynavy.blogspot.com.
Keep up the good work, and hopefully the time will fly by.
Best wishes,
Toonces' Mom

donelitt said...

wonderful to be able to communicate from such a long distance. Enjoy your comments about this dirty war. We're leaving for Japan tomorrow, the 22nd of Oct. We'll be keeping up as we travel. Happy Anniversary! Love, G & G