27 October 2007

From Darkness comes Light

The last few days have been interesting. I've been learning a lot about my new unit and the people in it. From the dealings I've had with them so far, I'm impressed. They all tend to know what they're doing and care about how it gets done. I'm not sure how much is attributed to the fact that they're just arriving and how much to the unit itself but I hope they don't change in the 232 days I have left with them.

The other part that really surprised me was the brightness of the moon. I know in a previous post I commented on how dark it is here. WELL, it's only dark when the moon isn't out. We're in a full moon now and it's so bright, I haven't needed a flashlight in days. I can see everything nearly as clear as during the day but with more of a grayish hue. No more stumbling over small rocks in the dust, walking into concrete columns, and tripping on steps... until the next new moon. It's really amazing to see clearly at night without streetlights. Another first for me on my 9 month vacation from reality.

For those of you who have been emailing me, thank you. It has been a nice excursion from the daily grind reading what has been going on at home... you too Becca. (Now you're mentioned.)

Until next time.

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judyZaks said...

Dear Rob..Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I feel privileged to read your comments. I am taking a Judaism course where we read from the Torah as the source of the values and concepts. From your words I was imagining the sun, the moon and the dust from thousands of years ago. If I remember correctly..Ur, Abraham's birthplace is in Iraq..nu?
Love and prayers
Judy Zaks and the rest of our family