19 September 2007

SSDD pt 1

It's been a week since the last post and what a week...

We had a bunch of briefs on our training and then did exactly what we had been doing earlier - eating and sleeping. Thank god our tent has really good air conditioning. I've been sleeping like a baby. Some of the other guys have complained about the cold but I guess they haven't spent time in upstate NY (or Minot, ND). I haven't slept this well in weeks. They gave us a sleeping bag system that is super comfortable and keeps me just warm enough.

This past weekend, we went off to the range to do some more shooting and convoy training. The first day we got up at 3am and went to the firing range. We had 32 people lined up almost shoulder to shoulder shooting at targets at various distances and in various positions. We were so close, I thought someone was going to get shot. Thankfully noone got shot, but there were other injuries.

In one of the briefs earlier in the week, we were told to wear a neck gaiter to keep the flying shell casings from going down our collars and burning us. Since we were SO close, all the spend shell casings were sent flying into the person to your right. All morning I was getting pelted with M16 bullet casings. One of them happened to get under my gaiter and found a nice comfortable spot between the collar on my body armor and my neck. To top it all off, I flinched when I felt it and pushed it further into my neck causing me to flinch again and have it roll down my neck farther leaving me with 2 2nd degree burns. (pics to come.) BTW, it hurt and I'm fine.

Unfortunately, my time on the computer is up so I'll finish this later. TTFN


Gogi said...

Rob - Its Gogi. Hope you are safe and sound, and enjoying your air-conditioned tent.

I actually just read the entire blog, very interesting read.

Stay safe and keep blogging. We'll be reading.

Steven said...

Hi Rob -- This is Steve, a friend of Bill and Marilyn and the girls. We've met briefly a couple of times (I think you were at my daughter's graduation party; she and Becca are good friends). Anyway, my wife (Barbara) and I just wanted to wish you good luck and a safe return. We're following your blog and thinking about you.