22 September 2007


Just to recap:
  • Finished my training in Kuwait with a neck burn
  • Took 2 tries to get to Baghdad
  • Got here safe and sound

Alright, so, we went off to the palace (not the big one but big enough) to get our security badges. When we got there, we found out that there was a mortar attack the night we arrived. Some people woke from the explosion but I didn't. WELCOME TO BAGHDAD!!!

That night while in our beds, we heard over the loud speaker "ALL CLEAR. ALL CLEAR." Apparently, right before then, we weren't "all clear". Noone I was with heard a single thing so whatever was making us "un-clear" was nowhere near us.

That was yesterday. This morning, we began our admin day at JCCS-1 (Joint CREW Composite Squadron One). The day was spent all on Camp Victory at the palace again but we were able to take some pictures. Saddam must have had a thing for marble because it was EVERYWHERE - floors, walls, bathrooms, you name it. Yes, I used one of Saddam's toilets and it was nice... (Again, ptcl) I also got a picture of me sitting on Saddam's throne. It's a kind of tourist attraction there. We also found out to which units we are going to be assigned. I'd tell you but I can't. It's classified. When I get there, I'll let you all know.

Which brings you all up to date. Phew... It's saturday night and I have to begin my real training tomorrow. I think I'm going to watch some football.

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rickl38 said...

Hi Rob,

Read your last 3 posts, you are very funny!! Glad you are settling in and hope your neck burn is better. When I first saw the first line before scroling down to read the two other posts that I had not read yet and saw "neck burn", I had initially thought you got a sunburn (no rednecks in Iraq). Sounds like you are having a real interesting experience. Once you have a "home base", be sure to let us know what you can use and where we can send it. Our thoughts are with you.
Stay safe! Uncle Rick