25 August 2007

T-13 hours and counting.

My flight to Charlotte departs at 7am tomorrow morning. That is what I'm considering the start of this "little" vacation from the stresses of office work. From there, I will be flying to Columbia, SC for my two weeks of Army training. As of writing this, I am now fully packed and, more or less, ready to go. At first, I thought all the stuff I wanted to bring wasn't going to fit in just 2 bags but I actually have more room than I thought. Shira will be shipping me some things when I get to my unit but I should have everything I would need until then.

Preparing for this deployment has had a much different feel from preparing for my other deployments. For one, I'm not going for 3 weeks this time, I'm going for 9 months. Also, I'm not deploying to a location within the United States or a friendly country. Lastly, I'm not going to be flying. All these add up to a measure of apprehension I haven't felt since I first packed for college - except multiplied 100 fold.

Before I started my training this week, I certainly didn't feel like this was really happening. It had that day-to-day, ho-hum, nothing new feel. As the week progressed, it started to hit me that this was my last week of sleeping in my own bed with only the sounds of Shira and Lucky (from now on referred to as "the dog") sleeping keeping me company. Soon, I'll be in a barracks with who knows how many people, all in the same predicament as me. Maybe earplugs would be a worthwhile investment...

While in South Carolina, I may not be able to get to a computer to update this blog but my cell phone will work.

Well, that's it for today. Not a whole lot to talk about really.

Incidentally, Apple is releasing their version called the iRack. You can see it here:

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Lori said...

This the start of the "robroth narmy adventure". You're going to see some very different places (not all of them worthy of a second visit) in a time of war. Think of this as your summer at Lohikan. (hehe) Not where you want to be but do-able. OR a time to get into the best shape of your life.

We will be thinking of you every minute of every day. And KNOW that you will return to us safely.